Wear protective earplugs and protective earmuffs correctly
Time: 2021-01-11
The appropriate noise-reducing earplugs and earmuffs are selected. If they are not worn correctly, they will not have the proper protective effect. How to wear earplugs and earmuffs correctly?   
Always wash your hands before putting on earplugs. When wearing the earplugs in the right ear, hold the earplugs with your right hand. If you use foam earplugs, rub the earplugs into a very slender cylinder without creases. The thinner the better. When you start rubbing, press the earplugs a little harder, and press harder as you go back, so that the earplugs can be rubbed and thinner. Be careful to roll the earplugs into a cylinder instead of a cone or ball. When the foam earplugs are rubbed fine, they need to be inserted into the ear canal as soon as possible. After scratching your head with your left hand, pull the right auricle up and back to straighten the ear canal, so that you can easily insert the earplug into the correct position. After placing it, plug the ear canal with your right hand for about half a minute to prevent the earplug from swelling out of the ear canal. Wear the left ear plug in the same way.  
After the earplugs on both sides are worn, check the air tightness of the earplugs: enter an environment with steady-state noise, cover the ears with the palms of both hands, and then let go. If there is no difference in the noise level heard before and after, it means that the fit is good. Otherwise, you should wear it again.  
When removing the earplugs, you must rotate it slowly, take out the earplugs, and never pull the earplugs. Pulling the earplugs forcefully may damage the periosteum due to the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the ear.  
Different earmuffs have different wearing methods. Please read the instructions carefully. It should be noted during wearing that the hair around the ears should be removed before wearing, and the position of the ear cups on the headband and neck brace should be adjusted so that the two ears are in the center of the cup and completely cover the auricles. Try to ensure the ear cups Seal with the head.  
An ear protector that can cover the entire auricle. The anti-noise earmuffs are composed of two round shell-shaped bodies connected by a bow frame, and sound-absorbing materials and sealing gaskets are attached in the shell, and the whole shape is like a headset. Suitable for environments with high noise, the sound attenuation can reach 10-30dB. It can be used alone or in combination with earplugs. Suitable for all ear types. It is easy to take off; but it has a sultry feeling after long use.
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